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DeHealth Super App

Your Health in Your Hands

The first app to safely store, analyze, and manage health data 24/7 worldwide

Lock in early bird pricing. App available for download on September 10, 2024.
Monthly subscription begins on November 20, 2024.

The tools you need to manage your health in ONE app – your DeHealth Super App!

The first-of-its-kind, the DeHealth super app is lovingly created by doctors and scientists from around the world.

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DeHealth Super App

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App available for download September 10, 2024.
Monthly subscription begins November 20, 2024.


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Security standards

DeHealth ensures the safe storage of user data and its depersonalized distribution with owner consent. DeHealth works according to the following global security standards:

Early Bird Subscription Pricing

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Lock in early bird pricing. Pay $2.99 now.
App available for download September 10, 2024.
Monthly subscription begins November 20, 2024.

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App available for download September 10, 2024.

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DeHealth is a holistic health management platform designed to empower users with seamless access to personalized healthcare services, comprehensive medical records, and valuable insights for proactive health management. Combining leading-edge technology with user-centric design, DeHealth offers a variety of features and functionalities aimed at addressing the diverse needs and challenges of modern healthcare. We use science, technology and blockchain to solve the most difficult challenges in the healthcare system.

DeHealth is an international health technology brand with headquarters in the UK, U.S. and Ukraine, with research centers in Israel and New Zealand.

What sets DeHealth apart from other health management platforms is its comprehensive approach to addressing the diverse needs and challenges of users. By integrating advanced features such as multilingual translation, data monetization, and personalized insights, DeHealth offers a unique value proposition that combines convenience, accessibility, and innovation to deliver unparalleled user experience and health outcomes.

Our mission at DeHealth is to provide accessible, personalized, and innovative solutions that enhance the health and wellness of individuals worldwide. We are committed to leveraging leading-edge technology and expert insights to help individuals achieve their wellness goals.

Key Subscription Benefits:

  • Securely upload and store medical records for immediate access.
  • Receive personalized health recommendations.
  • Safely share medical data with health care providers worldwide, in any language
  • Receive personalized health insights and guidance
  • Gain preventive family health analysis
  • Ask questions 24/7 to DeHealth virtual assistant

Subscription Features:

  • DataBank – Securely store and share medical records and lab test results with providers worldwide.
  • Calendar – Manage your daily health tasks and goals with our robust calendar with timely reminders.
  • Global Health ID: A solution that allows individuals to have a unified medical record regardless of healthcare information systems, clinics, and medical laboratories where they receive services.

  • Insight – DeHealth turns raw data into meaningful actionable health data analytics to help guide your health decisions and stay ahead of potential health issues.

  • Reports – Comprehensive analyses of your health data to offer valuable insights into your health status, trends over time, and potential risk factors.

  • Documents Analysis –  DeHealth leverages AI to provide structured summaries that can be translated into any language.

  • Translation – translate individual medical records, examinations or conclusions in-app
  • Data Monetization – Opportunities to share anonymized health data for financial incentives while maintaining privacy and control. 
Denys Tsvaig
CEO & Co-Founder
Nice, France
Cybersecurity technologist, global health and blockchain expert.
  • President of the National Cybersecurity Association of Ukraine. Contributing Writer in HackerNoon
  • Ex-Suntri
Anna Bondarenko
Managing Partner 
& Co-Founder
Nice, France
IT entrepreneur, public figure, and professional violinist, impresario. Ex- President of the International eHealth Consortium. Medal of the French Senate (France)
Popil Tereza COO
Dariaa Rossokhatska Business Analyst
Oleh Khomiak CISO
Stasinevych Alexander  CTO
Alexander Lisovik  Web3/Tech Lead
Dr. Dmitry Sokolov CKO

Philippe Gerwill

Medical data Adviser

Digitalization Humanist, Futurist and an Innovation KOL with 30 years in the specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industry at Novartis, Lonza and Ciba.

Igor Korolev
Biotech & Digital Health 

Biotech & Digital Health Data Adviser Physician/Neuroscientist with 20+ years of experience in Healthcare & Life Sciences industry, along with Digital Health, Data Science, & Clinical Research expertise. ex-Roche, ex-Merck.

Johan Olsson
Business Adviser

Transaction-driven entrepreneur. As Advisor facilitates partnerships with VCs as well as guides overall business development strategy, in particular — in terms of AI adoption and enhancement.

Myron B. Rabij
Legal Advisor

Seasoned corporate attorney at Wachtel Missry in New York City, formerly head of energy at Dentons in Kyiv. With a stellar reputation, for more than 28 years, Myron has a significant experience in advising on various cross-border deal issues and in aspects of international arbitration.

Viacheslav Kovalevskyi
AI CTO & Advisor

Sr. Eng. Manager at Facebook focusing on PyTorch. Ex-Google, who has created a sub-department within the GCP Cloud AI org from scratch where he oversaw many Deep Learning projects. Teaching Java courses and developing his own teaching methods that got implemented in his own startup.


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